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“In a nation with greater tribal uncertainties and wobbly inter-tribal histories, a conscientious leader would be very careful as to how he makes his decisions. Insensitive, haphazard decision-making will lead the country down a calamitous socio-political cliff. We cannot ignore the realities of the country for the sake of power struggle.” p.147

About the book

This is a collection of political essays that spans a period of more than ten years going back to a few years before the Sudanese comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed. These essays are not only about what the author has been writing about in a consistent manner, they also illuminate how leadership and power have been exercised since the CPA was signed in Kenya in 2005. Issues that were regarded as insignificant, became the very destructive problems that would push South Sudan into the proverbial rabbit hole in December of 2013. Since the author is a nonpartisan writer, the essays are a good snapshot of a voice that’s outside the South Sudanese political system, but at the same time a South Sudanese with an insightful knowledge of the South Sudanese political history and culture.