About TNP

The Nile Press is an independent publishing company based in Calgary, Alberta.  The company was started in 2012 to help publish Afro-centered ideas that don’t always get attention in the mainstream publishing. These ideas are regarded as either insignificant and ‘uncommercializable’, or controversial. However, the value of these ideas if written in an appreciable cordial manner can have a changing effect on the average person whose ‘Race’ means a thing or two.

Curving a social or intellectual place in any given society requires established historical authentication of a sense of self. TNP was established therefore to hone home the idea that equalizing thoughts and ideas should be given respectable exposure.

TNP believes in independent thoughts, rationality and respect for human integrity. Fear of controversy stifles brilliance and helps in an unfortunate death of thoughts that could change the course of everything thought across racial lines.  TNP will publish both fiction, nonfiction and poetry whose central themes will be mostly Afro-centered ideas; ideas that have been pushed to the rear not only by the mainstream publishers, but also by thinkers and the average literary consumers.