The Publisher

kKuir ë Garang is the publisher  and founder of TNP. He’s a multi-talented South-Sudanese-Canadian poet, author and publisher living in Calgary, Alberta.  Garang was born in war-torn Sudan and traveled to different African countries because of the second civil war before settling in Canada in Canada. As an aftermath of Sudanese civil war in Sudan, Garang was forced (with his family) to seek refuge in Ethiopia at the beginning of 1987.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal and a Master’s of Art in Integrated Studies with concentration in Cultural Studies & Philosophy from Athabasca University.

However, Garang’s then being on constant move and his experiences in different cultural environments fuelled his greater desire to appreciate the thoughts formed by such experiences. He now writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. His writings prompted the establishment of TNP.

Kuir has published a number of books. These include:  The Carcass Valley (poetry), Exegesis of Despotism (poetry), Twilight Murders, Other Poems and Essays, Trifles (Novel), The Pipers (novel), Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? (nonfiction) and Deng, Nyan-nhialdit and the Talking Crow (children’s Novel).

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